Montessori Elementary Guide – June 2021 to April 2022           

  • Blue Blocks Complete School, Hyderabad, India 

My experience at Blue Blocks has equipped me with the ability to work effectively in both online and physical environments.
I guided small groups online during the Pandemic lockdown. It was an intriguing experience translating Montessori presentations to be suited to online mediums. The children were guided to make some of the material themselves.
We started physical school in November 2021, where I continued working with the same group of children aged 7 to 9 years. We focussed on connecting them back to the physical environment and closing learning gaps which were formed during the online sessions. 

Cambridge English Primary Teacher – March 2020 to June 2021

  • Paradise School, Goa, India

Teaching young children English in this school helped me understand the Cambridge approach to education and refine my lesson planning skills.

English Language Enabling Guide – Sept 2019

  • Montessori Schule Penzberg, Germany

Practice Teaching – Jan to Feb 2019

  • Abacus Montessori School, Chennai, India
  • Patasala Montessori school, Chennai, India

English Language Enabling Guide – Oct 2018

  • Montessori Im Olympia, Munich, Germany

Tara Trust NGO, Goa, India – 2015  

  • Creative teacher for Govt. aided school children, 4 to 12-year-olds